About Us

Why Adventuren is better than others?

It's Time To Hit The New Path To Exploration.

We belong to the Himalayas, thus promising a more engrossed and elaborated trip to the alluring places. We are a group of well experienced localites ensuring a safe and more informative journey. Moreover our knowledge for the local culture is a add on and we are ready to take you to the virtual tour of the history related to the folklores. We are also introducing many unexplored treks like kakbushandi, satopanth, rudranath.

When you travel to the mountains,luxuires should be on your rear seat.We will provide you home stays and local food and that is the best way to attach or interact with any culture plus the stay will be according to the situations also. The idea of the home stays is to provide some employment and help the locals at our level.

So get ready, pack your bags and come along the Himalayan crew to explore the nature.