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Experience" starts in Rishikesh with river Rafting. It is the most well known place for rafting in India which attracts in a huge number of voyagers throughout the year.

The Himalayan crew is a adventure based company of Uttarakhand. The area is known for its natural beauty and adventure activities. The facility offers various kinds of rafting and camping tours on the Ganges River. There are also other activities such as bungee jumping, cliff jumping, rock climbing, trekking etc which can be done with the Himalayan crew (professional ) who will take care of everything including food etc

River Rafting

River rafting is a great way to experience the beauty of rishikesh. You can choose between a beginner or an advanced trip, depending on your level of experience. The best thing about water rafting is that you don't need any previous experience before taking part in it. Beginners will be guided by professional guides who will teach them how to use their life jackets and helmets while they enjoy their time on the river. They will also be given paddles so they can control their speed while travelling down the river during their trip through Rishikesh!
If you are interested in experiencing this activity then don't hesitate!


The camping is a great way to socialise with your fellow rafters, while playing songs on an acoustic guitar or singing along to some old school classics. During our time at the campsite, we had plenty of time to relax by the fire with cups of hot chocolate and marshmallows for dessert-a perfect way to end any day!
The music was also key during our trip downriver; it helped us relax as well as exercise our bodies by running upriver against the current (which felt like running uphill!).


The rafting and camping

The rafting and camping trip will always really exciting and memorable. It ll fun to be with friends in a new environment, enjoy the food, music and dance as well. I also enjoyed the campfire as it was so relaxing after a long day of hiking or swimming in the river. The whole experience was amazing!

River Rafting Rates in Rishikesh for Season

Per Person Booking Details Rishikesh Rafting Routes
₹ 600 Online Booking Brahampuri Club House to NIM Beach (9 kms, Rafting Grade: 1)
₹ 1000 Online Booking Shivpuri to Rishikesh NIM Beach (16 kms, Rafting Grade: I-II)
₹ 1500 Online Booking Marine Drive to Rishikesh NIM Beach (26 kms. Rafting Grade: II-III)
₹ 2500 Online Booking Kaudiyala to Rishikesh NIM Beach (35 kms, Rafting Grade: II-IV)

*minimum 4 person required for this booking

Note:  Smoking and Alcohol is strictly prohibited during rafting Overweight, Pregnant or suffering from any other medical conditions will not be allowed for rafting. Do consult your doctor if you are fit for rafting.

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Grade 1: Easy, Small Waves, No Obstacles

One of the most popular river rapids of Grade is Sweet Sixteen. It is the most favorite

Rafting point for adventurous and family holiday's fun it is some of the popular grades in rishikesh include Brahmpur is the easiest and shortest one point for rafting which covers around 8 km. It is the closet point from Rishikesh to set out on your rafting tour

Grade 2:

Moderate Difficulty with Clear Passages The rapids at Shivpuri have been categorised intu Grade and Grade These grades are of medium or moderate difficulty it requires bit guidance for the rafters. They exist in those parts, where the river passes through slight rocky or uneven regions. It covers around 16 kms. It starts at Shivpuri and ends at Laxman hul Shivpuri River Rafting has adventurous Rapids Tourist can enjoy cliff jumping on the way

Grade 3: Difficult,  Narrow Passages,  Irregular High Waves

The CrossFire and Three Blind Mice are the Grade II rapid that bring obstacles by including multiple high, waves and rocks Marine Drive is the the starting point or the third closest point to veges on a rafting expedition from Rishikesh. The fun and adventure of river rafting usually begin with the Grade- rapids. Within here, you can find the bigger waves that require good navigating techniques and proper guidance it starts from marine drive to Rishikesh

Grade 4: Difficult,  Very Powerful Waves

Hatting gets more action-packed and exciting while paddling through the Grade-rapids Offering challenging waves, uneven flow of the water and sudden tops, these rapids, at times can topple the raft easily. The adventure of the Ganges from Kaudiayalu to Rishikesh spans over a distance of 36 km. There are 13 excellent rapids along this stretch An excellent example of these rapids a The Wall, where 9 out of every 10 raft boats flip over. Generally, tourist prefers grade IV for rafting.
If you want to feel the real action of adventure the Rishikesh is the right place for you. Here safety measurements also were taken for the tourist so they can feel safe during rafting After all safety comes fest Before rafting instructor always gives some instructions to the tourist Therefore, do not make the mistake of underestimating their expertise about the rafting techniques and river rapids Listen to them properly and act as advised to enhance the joy of rafting even more.

Rapids From Koudiyala to Rishikesh

  • Black Money Rapid (Grade 1)
  • Sweet Sixteen Rapid (Grade 1)
  • Good Morning Rapid (Grade 1)
  • Body Surfing (Grade 1)

  • Club House Rapid (Grade II)
  • Initiation Rapid (Grade II)
  • Double Trouble Rapid (Grade II)
  • Hilton Rapid (Grade II)
  • Terminator Rapid (Grade II)
  • Shivpuri Rapid (Grade II+)

  • Three Blind Mice Rapid (Grade III)
  • CrossFire Rapid (Grade III)
  • Roller coaster Rapid (Grade III)
  • Golf Course Rapid (Grade III)
  • Return to Sender Rapid (Grade III)
  • Daniel's Dip Rapid (Grade III+)
  • The Great Wall Rapid (Grade IV)

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    1 Alpine tents - Staring from 900 pp Double/Triple/Quad sharing


    2 Swiss camps - Starting from 1200pp Double/Triple/Quad sharing


    3 Luxury cottages -Starting from 1800pp Double/Triple/Quad sharing

    Package Inclusions :

  • Accommodation: In Camps on Double/Triple Sharing Basis.
  • Meals: 1Breakfast, 1Lunch(veg) & 1Dinner(veg n non-veg).
  • Washroom Type: Water - Western.
  • Camp Games - Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket etc.
  • Evening & Morning Tea.
  • Evening Snacks with Bonfire & Light Music

  • Camping + Rafting packages

    Starts with Rs -1500/per person For more details click on link below

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